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Now that you have done the basics of archiving your files, you’re ready to keep yourself organized on a daily basis. Making daily lists will help keep the stress down and allow you to work more efficiently.

If you think about it, worry and stress generally involves trying to remember to do something the next day, or reviewing decisions you made today based upon something specific. Graphic designers find themselves working on many projects simultaneously, it’s very important to keep track of where you are with each project.

End of the Day List

1. Start by making notes at the end of each day regarding what you’ve accomplished.
a. Include jobs you’ve put on top of the list as requested by your boss or another.
b. Include jobs that you worked on while another was out being proofed, sent to the printer, etc.
c. Include jobs that have been approved and are at the printer and the status of when the press check will occur and the finished project will be delivered.

2. Make another list of things to do tomorrow while it is still fresh on your mind. You don’t want to make the list in your head before going to sleep at night, then worry about that list all night.

3. The next morning present that list to your boss and see if they want to revise it. They may have had a meeting with their boss the day before and know the due date has been moved up or down. Job priorities change hourly. You may have to remind your boss you were asked to change the priority and why.

When you become a master of organization you’ll be calmer, which will confuse others into believing you’re not busy. You will have to prove you are indeed busy, competent and fast, and your lists will do that for you.

As you start doing these things you’ll work out a system that works for you and is fast. Don’t turn this into another job. Keep it simple.