Producing is the Bottom Line

Posted: November 8, 2010 in Graphic Design Career

As a college instructor and experienced Web designer, I constantly remind my students that it is not just about the grade. As important as the grade is, when you are hired by a company or client to do a job ­- the bottom line is Can You Produce?

A grade measures your ability to follow instructions, know and use the programs thoroughly and finally to solve the problem creatively. An employer assumes you know all of this when they hire you. The bigger question is: Can you do this several times a day, at a fast pace, while being interrupted with other very important projects, without complaining, and still come up with fresh, unique finished products in a timely manner?

As a result, the college experience can only touch on the realities of the work world. Here in college the students learn and hone the skills that will allow them to participate. It’s up to them to take it to the next level of total commitment, where the real work is done.


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